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Orphan Moon

by T. K. Lukas

1860 – Palo Pinto, Texas: Under the spectacular glow of a Comanche moon, a family is slaughtered, their homestead torched. Nineteen-year-old Barleigh Flanders survives the terrifying midnight raid. Fiercely determined to rebuild, she seizes an opportunity meant for another. Desperate, near penniless, her foolhardy, reckless scheme could prove calamitous or miraculous, yet it’s her only hope.

Her grueling physical journey stretches from Texas, to Missouri, and into the rugged Utah Territory. However, it’s her emotional journey that takes her to places of uncharted darkness, discovery, and redemption when old family secrets are revealed. What she accepted as her past turns out to be a convoluted lie that reaches across generations, reshaping her memories of the Grandfather she despised, the father she adored, and the mother she never knew.

Along her journey she encounters a mysterious stranger. In Hughes Levesque, Barleigh gains an unsought ally with dark secrets of his own. A Texas Ranger turned hired gun, Hughes makes it his personal mission to keep Barleigh safe. Doing so may cost him his life, his job, and his heart, none of which he’s keen to lose.

Orphan Moon is a heart-wrenching saga of family love, loss, and betrayal. Both a gripping adventure and a timeless love story, it gallops across the bleeding edge of the western frontier.

A gritty western saga and timeless love story, 

Orphan Moon gallops across the bleeding edge

of the American frontier. 

T. K. Lukas, a native Texan and an award-winning author, writes both contemporary and historical fiction. Her debut novel, "Orphan Moon," is a historical fiction based in 1860's Texas and other western frontier locations. The book, published in 13 countries, has been on numerous Amazon Kindle bestseller lists. Additionally, "Orphan Moon" is a Writers' League of Texas 2015 Top Five Finalist for Historical Fiction,  and is also the recipient of the Readers’ Favorite Five Star Award. Look for the release of books two and three of the Orphan Moon Trilogy in 2016.

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T. K. Lukas OM Kindle cover--28 Aug 15

"The story of Barleigh Flanders, high spirited and determined, brave and generous, is packed with adventure, suspense, sadness and romance.There is tragedy and great sadness here but the book ends on an optimistic note. The characters have endured a journey of great hardship without ever giving in to despair. The book finishes on New year's Eve. This is apt as one adventure comes to a close and a new one beckons. An outstanding book and beautifully written.” (James - Goodreads and Amazon Review)


"Orphan Moon was a story I had trouble putting down. Both Barleigh and Leighselle are bright and strong characters that earn respect as this story progresses. Hughes is easily likeable immediately not just for his high standards but also for his stand to protect those around him. This story is a wild adventure from the beginning to the end. Though the events as they unfold, both the memories, and what is happening present day in the story, break your heart, there is this strength of character that comes out and you watch Barleigh shine as she makes hard choices and ultimately finds love. I really enjoyed reading Orphan Moon from start to finish.” (Catherine - Goodreads and Amazon Review)


"You won't regret purchasing this novel; it combines the derring-do of a

teenage girl determined to solve her own problems with fascinating

historical details of western life in the 1830s-1860s US. There are

appalling examples of the dehumanization of slaves, a deeply satisfying love story, smarmy characters, and a mysterious but kindly stalker who is more than what he seems. I found it difficult to put the novel down.” (Vontress - Amazon Review)


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