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Leofric: Sword of the Angles

by S. J. Arnott

Denmark, AD 520. Fearing invasion, Cynefrid, the King of Angeln, summons a muster of fighting men to his eastern stronghold. Thegn Eadwig and his nephew, Leofric, answer the call, but they quickly become embroiled in the intrigues of the kingdom and a violent encounter leads to Leofric being charged with murder. This bloody act heaps ruin on Leofric and his family, and he is forced to flee to a remote sanctuary where he recovers his strength and plans the revenge that will ultimately reclaim his birthright. 

Set in Angeln on the Jutland peninsula, 'Leofric: Sword of the Angles' is a Dark Age adventure set against the background of the Germanic migrations that led to the creation of the new Angle, Jute and Saxon kingdoms in the east of Roman Britain - the Angle-Lands. 

S. J. Arnott is a UK writer, born abroad, who now lives in East Anglia. He's worked as a freelance feature writer and magazine editor, and has had writing jobs in television and radio.

Aside from his Dark Age Leofric adventures, he has also written a number of non-fiction and humour titles as 'Stephen Arnott', including the recently published Jack Bleacher: a parody.

His favourite historical authors include George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman), C. S. Forester (Hornblower), Patrick O'Brian (Aubrey-Maturin), Bernard Cornwell (Sharpe), Alfred Duggan and Mary Renault.

His favourite thriller author is Lee Child, creator of the indomitable Jack Reacher.

About the Author

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"There is plenty of drama, twists in the plot, wonderful characters and scenic description to make this a most enjoyable read. . ."

(Paul Bennett - hooverbookreviews)


"Leofric: Sword of the Angles is a fantastic book. First off, Arnott can flat out write. He creates some amazing imagery and clearly knows his way around the genre. . ." (Nick Tory - Goodreads)


"The writing is vivid and imaginative and the author has created a fascinating world. This book has adventure, romance, and plenty of intrigue and suspense. . ." (James Sillwood - Goodreads)