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Icarus and the Wing Builder

by Robert William Case

COME BACK to an age of goddesses and heroes. Long ago on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, a famous Bronze Age inventor in the employ of King Minos created working wings. Naturally, inevitably, he had to test them. It could have been Daedalus' life's work, a masterpiece. But his son, Icarus, had a different idea. "Icarus and the Wing Builder" is a inspirational recreation of the ancient myth, a soaring story of freedom, romance, slavery, and coming of age on the Minoan sailing ships of ancient Greece. Find out what really happened in the sky that day!

Bronze Age Cover-Up Revealed!

"Case's writing is beautiful and the style fits the mythology and magic he's created...I would love to see what he could do with other myths..."

(Stephanie Swint - Blogger/Book Reviewer)


"Uplifting and quite simply...superb!" (Sterling Gate Books)


"It is entertaining, sometimes surprising, and always well-written. Read it. And then join me in waiting for the movie."

(Pete Deakon - Author/Blogger)

Storyteller - Author - Keynote Speaker 

For millennia, the mythological character of Icarus, the boy with wings who flew to close to the sun, has inspired artists, writers, and youth; including the author, who as a teenager began to understand that there had to be more to the tale. It was a long while though, before the story emerged and Robert found his writing voice. The author's checkered past includes multiple degrees and career paths, with lots of parenting experience thrown in. His resume includes acting in community theater and performing in local improv shows. In 2014 he left the practice of law, launched his second novel, Icarus and the Wing Builder, and appeared on National Public Radio's, The Story Project.

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