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Amatore's Restaurant: Themes of Seduction

by James Sillwood

It is the end of another successful year for the Recreative Theatre Company and the cast have arranged to meet at Ristorante Amatore for their end-of-season dinner.

As the evening progresses, each guest recalls a past sexual liaison. In these recollections we are transported to a variety of locations; the rolling countryside of Brittany to the brown cafés of Amsterdam, from the grandeur of Venice to the slums of Marseilles.

The guests relate a gamut of situations; Prudence recalls her encounter with a stranger on a train journey and Colin makes a surprising discovery as he settles down to watch his favourite film. Some of the characters fall in love; Rachael with her foreign student Hermano and Natalie with her best friend Charlotte, while others are driven by self-interest; the sociopath Nicole with her reckless behaviour towards her trusting nephew and Colette who takes advantage of her unsuspecting tenant.

As the evening comes to a close a common theme begins to unfold: the hidden truths behind the motives for seduction. Old alliances are re-kindled and new attachments are formed while others are broken. Frustrations rise to the surface as truths are revealed. For some the evening is a great success, for others, it's a disaster.

Beware of the motive behind that alluring glance

"A beautiful compilation of sexual liaisons. This is not simply an erotic thriller; it’s a tale that weaves relationships between characters. . . "

(Leticia Lightly - Goodreads review)


"It was steamy, sexy and very erotic in a way that was still tasteful. . . "

(ShyGirl "SG" - Amazon review)


"The scenes are explicit in nature, but this is necessary to understand the motives, desires and human needs of these characters -- male and female. I was impressed with Mr. Sillwood's ability to get inside the heads of both genders, and do each of them justice. . ."

(Andrea McKenzie Raine - Amazon review)


"That was hands-down the most erotic book I have ever read. . . a piece of art and a must read."

(Limor Moyal - Amazon review)

Living in the peace and quiet of Southern Brittany, James Sillwood is something of an enigma. Being the first to admit he might appear to be reclusive, he readily acknowledges the peaceful surroundings at his cottage inspire an atmosphere conducive to writing. When taking a break from writing, James takes a keen interest in Breton culture and local history, enjoys trying out regional recipes, visiting local markets and exploring the surrounding area.

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