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With over two million books in the Kindle store, Amazon choose only to promote those authors who have a proven track record of sales: their book-lists are based on the number of sales in their store.

It is almost impossible for an independent author to have their work noticed when they are at the bottom of the list. Without extensive sales, they are unlikely to progress further.

A reader, searching for an new work in their chosen genre, would need to scroll back through hundreds of pages on the book-lists to find it.

About us

We, at The Indie Pages, have been reading and reviewing books by independent writers for the past five years, particularly focusing on works at entry level. This has given us an insight into the biggest problem facing new authors today: getting noticed.

With this in mind, we have set up this project to promote writers who we consider to have produced top quality work. We also aim make a connection with readers who are supportive of independent writers. The reader, looking for something new, can now browse through our selection of top quality works by self-published authors .

If you subscribe to our newsletter we will inform you of any notable works by self-published authors and keep you up to date with any news. Even if you don't wish to subscribe to the project, keep looking on this site for new books which we believe are worth reading. And remember, when you have finished reading a book, it's always appreciated if you leave your rating and a comment on the amazon store as this will be a great help to both authors and to other readers.

Laura gained a degree in English Literature from the University of Surrey and has spent over twenty years employed as a copy editor for publishing houses in London. Now working as freelance editor in Brighton, Laura enjoys walks on the beach, eating out, spending time with her grandson and walking her dog, Bertie.

Please note: The Indie Pages does not receive any funding and does not charge a fee to either the reader or the author involved with this project.

Laura Hillstrom

Having  previously worked as an IT consultant in Boston and Chicago, Greg is now settled with his family in the UK and works for his local radio station in Bristol. He is a scriptwriter, and has had several of his plays performed in the South-West. Greg enjoys rock climbing and snow boarding, is an accomplished musician and a member of his local amateur dramatic club.

Greg Murphy

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